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Meet Our Resident Artists

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

At Artisan Village at the Falls, our resident artists are the heart and soul of our creative community. They are here because they have found a dedicated space that nurtures their artistic passions and provides a supportive environment for their work to flourish. Our village is more than just a collection of studios; it is a vibrant community where artists can collaborate, inspire one another, and grow together.

Why Our Artists Choose Artisan Village


Our artists are drawn to Artisan Village at the Falls for the dedicated spaces we offer. Each studio is designed to provide a tranquil and inspiring environment where creativity can thrive. These spaces allow artists to fully immerse themselves in their craft, free from the distractions of everyday life. Additionally, the sense of community here is unparalleled. Our artists form close bonds, share ideas, and offer mutual support, creating a nurturing atmosphere that fuels their creative journeys.


A Diverse Array
of Talent

The variety of artists at Artisan Village is a testament to the rich and diverse artistic landscape of Smiths Falls. Our community includes:
  • Jewelry Artists: Crafting exquisite pieces that combine traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

  • Painters: From abstract to realism, our painters bring a spectrum of styles and visions to their canvases.

  • Photographers: Capturing the beauty of the world through their lenses, our photographers offer unique perspectives and stunning imagery.

  • Artists' Organizations: Collaborative groups that bring together like-minded individuals to promote and support the arts.

  • Multimedia Artists: Blending various mediums and techniques to create innovative and thought-provoking works.

Retail Spaces

In addition to individual studios, our retail spaces offer artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their work directly to the public. These retail spaces serve as a bridge between the artists and the community, allowing visitors to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces and engage with the creators behind them. It’s a dynamic environment where art lovers can discover new talents and artists can gain exposure and build their following.

Join Us

Whether you are an artist seeking a dedicated space to create, a member of an artists' organization looking to collaborate, or an art lover in search of unique pieces, Artisan Village at the Falls has something for you. Our village is a hub of creativity, community, and commerce, where art comes to life and connections are made.

Come visit us and explore the diverse talents of our resident artists. Experience the unique and inspiring environment of Artisan Village at the Falls, and let yourself be captivated by the magic of art.

Meet The Resident Artists

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