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About Artisan Village at the Falls

Where Creativity Thrives and Artistry Flourishes

Welcome to Artisan Village at the Falls, where creativity thrives and artistry flourishes. Nestled in the heart of Smiths Falls, our village is a sanctuary for artists of all disciplines, from painters and sculptors to jewelers and beyond. Here, we celebrate the diverse talents of our resident artists, providing them with a vibrant space to create, showcase, and sell their work.

Our retail artist studios are designed to foster creativity and collaboration, offering a unique environment where art lovers and creators can connect and inspire each other. Each studio is a reflection of the artist’s vision, filled with their latest masterpieces and creative endeavors. Visitors are invited to explore these personal galleries, meet the artists, and discover the stories behind their work


In addition to our resident studios, we offer flexible rental spaces for individuals and groups seeking a creative haven. Whether you're an established artist or just beginning your artistic journey, our rental spaces provide the perfect setting to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

At Artisan Village at the Falls, we are more than just a space for art; we are a community that nurtures and celebrates the artistic spirit. Whether you’re looking to purchase a unique piece of art, find a studio to call your own, or simply immerse yourself in an inspiring environment, Artisan Village at the Falls has something special for you.

Come visit us and experience the magic of our creative hub. Explore the studios, meet our talented resident artists, and let the beauty of art ignite your imagination. Artisan Village at the Falls is where art comes alive, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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