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Join us at The Artisan Village at the Falls

Come join us... only Two rooms left!


Fabulous studios for rent in a newly renovated building located in the heart of Smith Falls. Versatile spaces perfect for all your needs: Retail, Boutique Stores, Business Offices, or Artisan Studios. Come join a community of innovative businesses in a building designed to inspire creativity.

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Creative Community:

By joining Artisan Village, you become part of a vibrant community of innovative businesses and artists. Collaborate, network, and draw inspiration from fellow creatives in an environment designed to foster collaboration and growth.


Versatile Spaces

Whether you're in need of a retail storefront, boutique space, business office, or artisan studio, Artisan Village offers versatile spaces to suit your needs. With options ranging from small studios to larger workshop areas, you can find the perfect space to bring your vision to life.


Inspiring Environment

Located in the heart of Smiths Falls and housed in a newly renovated building, Artisan Village provides an inspiring environment designed to ignite creativity. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that encourages exploration, experimentation, and artistic expression.

Artisan Village Wellness Center

Your Sanctuary for Holistic Healing

Nestled within The Artisan Village at the Falls, our Wellness Centre offers a serene sanctuary for Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, and other wellness professionals seeking a tranquil space to serve their clients.

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